Panama Bac-Pac Drip Torch

Less fatiguing than traditional drip torches!

The Panama Bac-Pac Torch was designed to take the weight of the tank and fuel out of the operator’s hand and placing it on the back to reduce operator fatigue on large prescribe burns. The 2 gallon steel tank is carried on your back in a back pack type carrier with 2” wide shoulder straps. The 30” hose and 24” fire wand lets the operator put the fire where you want it. Streamlined burner assembly won’t snag in bushes. The long lasting burner wick is economical to replace compared with other brands that cost almost three times as much. Safety features include loop in the fire wand to prevent flashback, 2 ¼” filler cap with no-leak seal. Vent valve has an internal check valve that prevents any fuel from leaking from the tank in the event the tank is turned over. Drip Torch uses diesel fuel or kerosene and is gravity fed to the burner. There is a cut-off valve located between the tank and hose. Fuel flow is controlled by a brass regulating valve that precisely controls the fuel flow to the burner. Operators find the Bac-Pac style less fatiguing than the hand held drip torches and like the 24” length of the fire wand.

Capacity: 2 gallons 7.57 liters
Tank Empty Weight: 7.2 pounds 3.27 kg.
Tank Diameter: 8” 20.32 cm.
Tank Height: 14" 35.56 cm.
Burner Length w/ valve: 24” 60.96 cm.
Filler Cap: Aluminum with recessed groove for gasket
Gasket: Neoprene  
Wick: Fiberglass  
Vent Valve: Brass, screw type with enclosed check valve

 Assembly instructions and parts list.