Panama Flame Gun

The Panama Flame Gun is used when you need a concentrated sustained, hot fire for burning such things as brush piles or fence rows. The unit consists of a two gallon pressure tank, 42” hose, and pistol grip hand piece with “off-on” trigger, extended nozzle and doughnut shaped wick holder. A carrying strap allows the tank to be hung from the shoulder. Kerosene or diesel fuel is placed in the tank and air pressure is applied from an outside source or by using the built-in air pump. The wick is soaked with fuel and lighted with a match. The stream of fuel ignites as it passes through the doughnut wick holder. Flame will project approximately 8’ depending upon tank air pressure. Part of fuel does not ignite until reaching the ground where it ignites the ground cover. There is no pre-heating of fuel and a safety loop at the hand piece makes this unit completely safe to operate. Ideal operating air pressure is 75 to 125 PSI. The flame gun has wrenches built into the pump handle and hand piece for assembly and disassembly of unit in the field.

Capacity: 1-3/4 gallons 6.62 liters
Empty Weight: 10-1/2 pounds 4.86 kg.
Tank Diameter: 8” 20.32 cm.
Tank Height: 14” 35.56 cm.
Hose: Neoprene-42”  
Pump Handle: Aluminum  
Hand Piece: Aluminum  
Cut-off Valve: Brass, oxygen type  
Strap: 2” wide padded strap  
Shipping Weight: 13 pounds 5.91 kg

Assembly instructions and parts list.