Elliptical Tree Marker (Click image to enlarge)

Connect one end of the hose to the cut-off valve on tank and the other end to the brass tee on the hand piece.  These two connections do not have to be very tight; normally you can hand tighten them and then use the wrenches built into the pump handle to snug up the connection.


The straps may be adjusted to put the Back Pack Carrier in the most comfortable position.  Also, by loosening the tank strap the tank may be raised or lowered on the carrier to suit the individual preferences.


Cylindrical Tree Marker (Click image to enlarge)

Remove hand pump.  The pump can be loosened by using the lugs on the aluminum handle.  Raise it slightly so the lugs on the handle come in contact with the slot in the pump nut and then turn the handle counterclockwise.  Fill the tank no more than 2/3 full, or about 1-1/2 gallons.  We recommend straining the paint to prevent any solids from entering the tank.  We also recommend using paint designed specifically for tree marking guns.  This type paint can be obtained from companies that supply forestry equipment.  Replace the hand pump and tighten it in the same manner as it was loosened except in reverse direction.  Do not over-tighten.  Close F-3 Cut-off valve.  Apply pressure to the tank; 30 PSI seems about right.  However, pressure up to 125 PSI can be safely applied.  Proper pressure will depend on the characteristics of the paint used and the results desired.


To operate, open the F-3 Cut-off Valve and control paint floe with trigger in the hand piece.  in the spot marking, open trigger all the way and release quickly.  The size of the spot mark will depend on how long the trigger is held in the open position.  The G-1 Nozzle is furnished with either a 3/64" orifice or a 1/32" orifice with the 3/64" being standard.  The 1/32" nozzle uses less paint but the distance it travels is also reduced and it is used mostly for lettering. 


This is the most important part of keeping your gun working and saving costly down time.  When the paint gun is to be out of service for short periods of time, such as lunchtime, the tank should be turned upside down and the trigger held back until the hose and the handpiece have been cleared of paint.  Close cut-off valve until ready to use again.  When you have finished for the day, the paint gun should be completely cleaned.  Wash out the tank, hose, and hand piece with the same thinner used for the paint.  Put some in the tank, pump up some pressure and blow it through the hand piece.  If paint is allowed to dry on the G-4 Plunger it will start cutting the G-3 O-ring when the trigger is pulled back and paint will leak back on the trigger.  Also, after long use, the hole in the nozzle may get out of round and cause the nozzle to seep paint.  Normally a new nozzle will correct this problem.  About once a week a few drops of oil should be put on the G-13 Leather Cup.